Comics History from the Granite State

Adventures of a Deaf-Mute in the White Mountains (1865)

Deaf & mute Henniker resident William B. Swett leaves home to seek work in NH’s White Mountains during the months after the Civil War.… Continue reading Adventures of a Deaf-Mute in the White Mountains (1865)


Hutchinson Family Singers (1840-1860)

Well over a century before the “protest singers” and rock music of the 1960s, one rural New Hampshire family became world-famous for their potent blend of close harmonies, progressive politics, and anti-slavery courage … … Continue reading Hutchinson Family Singers (1840-1860)


Civil War Diary of Esther Hill Hawks (1862)

Dr. Esther Hill Hawks grew tired of running her husband’s pharmacy in Manchester, NH while he volunteered in the Union war effort… So she volunteered too!… Continue reading Civil War Diary of Esther Hill Hawks (1862)

Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby (1861)

Freeman Colby enlisted in the MA 39th Volunteers partly out of thirst for adventure, and partly to keep his brother Newton out of trouble…… Continue reading Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby (1861)

Journal of Martin Pring (1603)

In the early 1600s, Martin Pring led one of the earliest European trading missions to what would become the NH coast. From New England’s first transatlantic dance party to his fiery departure, Pring found a land full of people, resources, and surprises!… Continue reading Journal of Martin Pring (1603)


HFS-1824-122-EmptyRooms+Music-DETAIL-www_MarekBennett_com Empty Rooms - Yet more neighborly concern for the Hutchinson family's new home ... … Continue reading Empty Rooms
HFS-1806x-102-Resolved-DETAIL-02 Resolved - Early 19th century Baptist activism, hosted at the old district two school house ... … Continue reading Resolved
HFS-1821c-101-TwinBuglers-DETAIL-WWW_MarekBennett_COM The Twin Buglers - Milford's most unusual marching band ... … Continue reading The Twin Buglers
HFS-1824-111-DETAIL Heirloom - Brother Joshua discovers his Revolutionary namesake ... … Continue reading Heirloom
HFS-1824-107-Apples-DETAIL-www_MarekBennett_com Colonel Burnham’s Apple Pockets - Jesse Sr. invites Colonel Burnham to stay on at the old farm … 
HFS-1824-102-detail-WWW_MarekBennett_com Joshua’s Job - Brother Joshua helps his siblings across the wide Souhegan valley ...… Continue reading Joshua’s Job
HFS-1824-101-detail-WWW_MarekBennett_com Buying Burnham’s Farm - With ten children (and counting), Jesse and Polly Hutchinson hatch a plan to buy Colonel Burnham’s old inn … 
HFS-1802-101-BrotherJesse-DETAIL-WWW_MarekBennett_com Brother Jesse - The unfortunate tale of the eldest Hutchinson son ...… Continue reading Brother Jesse
HFS-1800-101-Married-DETAIL-WWW_MarekBennett_com Musical Family - Decades later, townsfolk fondly remembered one voice in the local church choir... … Continue reading Musical Family
HFS-1792c-102-DETAIL-WWW_MarekBennett_com Clean Living - The musical history of NH's famous Singing Hutchinsons runs deep... and complicated:… Continue reading Clean Living
HFS-00-Lithograph-Portrait-RGB-DETAIL Hutchinson Family Singers - Color portrait of the world-famous Milford, NH quartet... PLUS series source links!… Continue reading Hutchinson Family Singers
Peterborough-Smith-1750s-EarlyAmusements-02 Early Amusements (Peterborough, c.1750) - Some examples of "early amusements" from Smith's History of Peterborough (1876): … Continue reading Early Amusements (Peterborough, c.1750)

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