Citizens of Marlow volunteer to defend their town’s night skies…

Originally published in Monadnock History Comics (Keene Sentinel, 2005)

Discussion questions: 

  • This episode takes place during World War Two.  What is the “Nazi War Machine”?  Why are the townspeople of Marlow worried about it?  What is the situation in Europe in 1941?
  • What important event happened one month later (December of 1941) that changed the United States’ view of the war? [1941 newsreel] [wikipedia entry]
  • What details of this story hint at the scarcity of goods during the war?  What items and materials were hard to come by for these people?
  • If a Marlow Ground Observer Corps member were 20 years old in 1941, how old would she or he be in 2005?

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