Civic Ignorance (w/ Justice David Souter)

A comics version of a 2012 discussion with former Supreme Court Justice David Souter

As featured in the mini-comic NH State COMICStitution!

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This discussion was the kick-off event for NH’s Constitutionally Speaking project.

I was thrilled to attend this discussion, and I took detailed notes throughout, because I thought it’d be great to create a comic about what I’d learned:

However, when I got home and looked at my notes, I realized they needed a little more direction to become a story.  I found videos from the event on Margaret Warner’s blog at PBS NewsHour, and typed down a transcription of some of Souter’s closing remarks in the Q+A session.  Why not let Justice Souter speak for himself, right?  Or at least, a cartoon version of him…

Note that I’m not really trying to draw “Souter” (the person) here, at least not in the documentary sense.  Rather, I’m drawing out my interpretation of his words through cartoony ideas & characters…  but hopefully they’ll help us get at Souter’s message, which I found at once sobering and inspiring.

If you’re into video, here’s the clip I used to re-animate my notes & impressions:

14 September 2012

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