Mr. Barnes & the Bear (Henniker)

In honor of the start of hunting season, we continue with (what else?) another action-packed story of ursine urgency! …

<< BEFORE: Fishing for bear in Chesterfield.

*”BY THIS TIME, BARNES BEGAN TO REALIZE…” ~ I just love that line.

(source = Cogswell)

Elisha Barnes was a leading figure in the early days of Henniker; for lack of a precise date, I’ve listed this story under the decade 1780s.

Interestingly enough, this is NOT the only NH hunting story I’ve come across where the hapless hunter saves himself by reaching down the bear’s throat and grabbing its tongue.  This must have been common practice during colonial bear attacks.  So why is it not part of NH Fish & Game’s “Learn to Live with Bears” tips nowadays?

— Marek

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