Live Free in Court

The story of the NH state motto takes a surprising turn: Are we free to NOT display it?

<< BEFORE: Choosing a state motto

NEXT: Live free or die in the U.S. SUPREME COURT! >>


5 responses to “Live Free in Court”

  1. […] yes, they actually DO advocate bumper stickers as a means of exercising your constitutional rights!)<< BEFORE: Live free in court @ Lebanon, NH […]

  2. Not only is it repugnant, but it is also ripped off from the French underground resistance from World War Two. The French Resistance used Live Free or Die as their motto, their freedom cry! It is a lot stronger and actually has a real meaning in this context. I think it is really sad that Dean took something truly meaningful and powerful and reduced it to a trite manifesto about tax. It belittles the struggles of the French and the rest of Europe during a terrible war.

    The licence plate motto needs to be changed to something more appropriate that really stands for what NH is about – moose? pie? amazing history? Taxes? Pur-lees! It needs to be changed now!

    1. We respectfully submit “Live Free Etc.” as a compromise.

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