WANTED: Your Artwork


That’s the caption… YOU draw the picture!

Here are the only “rules”:

  1. It must include some kind of graphic and the words “Live free and draw!” somewhere in the image.
  2. It should be readable & visible at a standard page size (we suggest 8.5″x11″, horizontal OR vertical; black & white is always good, OR color works for sharing online).
  3. It’s nice if it has something to do with New Hampshire…  Try adding in some details from your experiences in NH — perhaps your favorite NH activity (drawing?), or whatever seems especially “New Hampshirey” to you at the moment!
    … And your image might even have something to do with drawing, too.  (But feel free to substitute your own form of artwork, writing, creating, &c. …)

Send us a photo or scan of your artwork (grayscale OR color)…

OR post it to the new LFAD Facebook page

OR send us a link to your artwork, wherever you’ve posted it.

Whichever way you send it, make sure you also send us your contact info too (which will remain private), so we can send you a thank-you!

Here’s a drawing to get us started:


  1. We’re collecting submissions of artwork by readers, to create an online gallery of GUEST ARTISTS.  
  2. By sending your artwork (or a link) to Live Free And Draw, you’re giving us implicit permission to share your artwork and your name (or nickname or however you sign your artwork) with our readers on this site and/or related social media sites, and you’re also implicitly claiming original authorship of your artwork.  We will NOT share your contact info.
  3. YOU retain all copyrights for print & other publications, of course.  
  4. If at any time you wish us to remove your artwork from our site (as posted by us) just send us an email saying so & it’s gone!  (It’s YOUR artwork, after all.)  
  5. LFAD will not reproduce, publish, or profit from your artwork in any way, except for the fact that it will help us all get more people involved in creating original artwork about New Hampshire!
  6. You don’t need to be a resident of New Hampshire to create artwork about New Hampshire!

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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