The Witch’s Ride (Weare)

Mrs. Dustin is up to her infernal sorceries again… this time on a cross-country jaunt!

<< BEFORE: Meet Mrs. Dustin, the Great Witch of Weare!

NEXT: More unspeakable bedevilment from Mrs. Dustin >>

Once again, modern readers may be surprised at the Old Timers’ concepts of what was and was not an outrage against all that is holy and proper; 140 miles in 6 hours is a little over 23 mph, a speed that is clearly outright impossible without diabolical assistance!

And anyways, who wouldn’t use such a bridle to go and visit her daughter and new grandson at such a time?  Many of these witchcraft legends seem to be rooted in basic Yankee disapproval and jealousy.

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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