Pring 04 ~ Sassafras Dance

Quite possibly the first world-fusion dance party in New England history…

<< BEFORE: Meet the locals


NEXT: Clothes & weapons >>

SOURCE: The Voyage of Martin Pring, 1603 as archived at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

For images of gitterns, see wikipedia’s “Gittern” article >>

3 responses to “Pring 04 ~ Sassafras Dance”

  1. […] The English visitors inspect their hosts… << BEFORE: Music with the locals! […]

  2. […] Pring’s men have now spent several weeks harvesting as much valuable sassafras as they possibly can, so that they can send “speedie contentment” to their investors back in England.  Suddenly, the natives seem to have soured on these profit-minded guests.  Alas!  Do you remember how joyfully this whole encounter started out? […]

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