Moses Trussell (New London)

Wounded at Bunker Hill, and everything after…

<< BEFORE:  Drawing at the library in town

NEXT: Moses Trussell’s declaration >>

Actually, this marker caught my eye on my way into town:

After some students raised questions about violence in comics, I returned to the marker and realized I had to draw Trussell’s story.  (It made me wish those students could have studied in Master Trussell’s classroom!)

Next we’ll look into Trussell’s own account of his war experience.

NOTE: Trussell’s older brother apparently loaned him his musket when he enlisted.  For more stories, see these family notes.

And as for the start of the Revolutionary War in April 1775, we might also consider the case of Nathaniel Parker in Henniker.

17 June 1775

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