Dublin Lyceum (1836-1844)

Community education & discourse in Dublin: The adults publish (& perform) their own bi-weekly zine… and the kids put out TWO!

Don’t you wish you could sit in on one of these weekly meetings?  This is what people in small towns did ALL AROUND New England in an age before electronic devices or even cheap publishing.

There were other local papers called “Rural Repository” scattered about the country in the 1830s and 1840s; but do any copies of this Dublin edition still exist?  And what about the “Ladies’ Miscellany” or the “Wednesday Evening Post”?  What kinds of articles, stories, poems, and artwork did these kids put into their papers?

Jo Radner has a collection of local handwritten papers from Lovell, ME (see her LECTURES page: “Mirthful and Pleasing: Handwritten Literary Newspapers in 19th-Century Rural New England”), so it’s at least possible some 19th century NH zines are still out there … !

Voted into existence:
7 October 1836
Final meeting: 18 March 1844

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