John Colony (Keene)

John Colony leaves his native Ireland to fight Indians (& French) in the New England…

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SOURCE = Griffin’s “A History of the Town of Keene…”


Keene Public Library has posted a couple postcards of the old Colony Farm from the 1880s:

  • Colony Farm
    As you can see, in the above comic I had to remove many of the trees so you could view the farmhouse.  Observant readers will not fail to note the wooden tricycle in use on the left.  
  • Colony Farm
    I especially like this one because you can see the scythe-arcs in the fresh-cut lawn.  Note the mowing bar behind the horses on the right.  And there’s the wooden tricycle again…
  • And finally, this postcard presents the photographer’s position from the above cards:Colony Farm Yard & View

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