We all start small and grow from there…


This story makes me look differently at all the giant trees around me. They’re living connections with the days of our great-great-grandparents!

Cogswell says Joseph Plummer Sr. and his wife Jane “moved to this town immediately after the close of the Revolution…” [which would’ve been the early 1780s]… “Here they lived and died, and their children were born upon that place.”  This daughter would have been either Mary or Sally, for whom no date of birth is given, but we can assume the story takes place in the 1780s.

I can’t help but notice that as Cogswell wrote this (in 1880), the old willow was already a thing of the past.

2 responses to “Plummer’s Willow (Henniker)”

  1. simonmbrooks Avatar

    And you too can do this and create art from this! Imagine planting both ends in a large hoop and watching it grow? Imagine making a tunnel of many hoops of varying sizes! Watch it grow into a lawn creature!

    1. Marek Avatar

      Don’t forget to punish your children with them first!

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