Swett 3: Train to the Lakes

1865:  See?  Travel really was more fun for everyone back then …

ADVENTURES of a DEAF-MUTE in the WHITE MOUNTAINS ~ by William B. Swett ~ Continued ~

<< BEFORE: Concord train station

hhs-1865-DeafMute-06-Boy-www.MarekBennett.com hhs-1865-DeafMute-07-Boy2-www.MarekBennett.com

NEXT: The wheels come off! >>

“Lake Village” is “Lakeport” in Laconia.

You can view some great glimpses of the Concord & Montreal line (mostly from several decades after Swett’s trip) HERE.

I based this engine on the “John Elliot”, which actually ran in Keene around this time.

Something about this scene, with the ragged child & the laughing passengers, reminds me of an afternoon in Slovakia in 2011

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