1862: An unexpected letter at tea time on Saturday evening kicks off the adventure of a lifetime…

~ CIVIL WAR DIARY of Esther Hill Hawks ~



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The ship in panel 4 is the USS Delaware.

Who is Esther Hill Hawks?

  • A native of Hooksett, living in Manchester, NH at the start of the Civil War
  • One of the USA’s first female doctors
  • An abolitionist… confronting her own deep-seated stereotypes about race
  • A volunteer teacher with the Freedmen of coastal South Carolina
  • A Civil War-era diarist
  • … and more!



    Gerald Schwartz has edited this fine edition of Esther Hill Hawks’ Diary.
  • cover OUR WAR by Mike Pride
    I first learned of EHH from Mike Pride’s book, “Our War”, which features a chapter about her work with wounded soldiers in the early colored regiments.

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