Sabbath Hawks (Weare)

What a difference a century of Holy Sundays can make!

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This is one of those stories that just keeps leading to other stories the more you dig into it…

Despite an afternoon of head-scratching, I have yet to untangle the extensive Gove family tree in Little’s town history of Weare.  The best I can tell you concerning Josiah Gove is:

  1. He’s the son of David and Martha (Hoag) Gove.
  2. He married Rebecca Breed.
  3. He played triangle in Weare’s first Brass Band (as noted above).
  4. He played E flat cornet in the North Weare Cornet Band (organized Winter 1855-6; not to be confused with the South Weare Cornet Band, organized in 1857).

As for Edward Gove, he has left much more of a trail; see also:

  1. “THE GOVE BOOK” at Hampton, NH
  2. Edward Gove at
  3. As mentioned in a NH Historical Marker
  4. “The Treason & Trial of Edward Gove”

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