Swett 7: Signs & Gestures

1865: Guests mix and meet in the Profile House dining room …

ADVENTURES of a DEAF-MUTE in the WHITE MOUNTAINS ~ by William B. Swett ~ Continued ~

<< BEFORE: End of the Road …

hhs-1865-DeafMute-13-Slate-BLACK-www.MarekBennett.com hhs-1865-DeafMute-14-Cross-BLACK-www.MarekBennett.com hhs-1865-DeafMute-15-Nod-BLACK-www.MarekBennett.com

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Swett’s good humor consistently helps him meet new people and educate them about his own capabilities in the course of his travels.  It’s such a pleasure to explore his sensitive phrasing and reflection on his interactions with 19th century society!

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