Colby 22: Philadelphia by Mule

1862: With the war raging next door in Maryland, the city of Philadelphia STILL insists on certain inconvenient city ordinances …

Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby (continued):

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I find it almost unbelievable that this was the system for moving troops to the front!  Remember that at this same time (September 1862), Lee’s first invasion of the North is actually underway!  This tells us a LOT about the weight of local laws vs. the national war effort in 1862.

Photo references for this entry proved difficult to track down.  Here are a few, if you’d like to see the sources:

  • I chose to introduce Philadelphia with a panel showing Independence Hall, an important patriotic symbol for Northern soldiers who saw themselves as fighting to preserve a system of government inherited from the American Revolution.
  • Philadelphia in the American Civil War [Wikipedia] contains some intriguing entries, including a brilliant drawing of a Union Volunteer mess hall which Colby will soon encounter… 

  • This sketch of a Philly train station gives us a sense of a scene Colby may have passed through.
  • Civil War Philadelphia & Its Countryside

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