Portsmouth Treaty: Count Witte’s Plan of Battle

1905: Count Sergei Iulievich Witte sails for Portmouth, NH to negotiate with the Japanese delegation for an end the Russo-Japanese War.  But he plans to fight, in his own way, for his beloved Russian Empire…

1905-Witte-00-TITLE 1905-Witte-01 1905-Witte-02 1905-Witte-03 1905-Witte-04-05 1905-Witte-06

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This piece presents a bit of a departure for Live Free And Draw; you can see some perspectives, spacing, and page-edge bleeds that don’t usually happen on this site!  That’s because I’m drawing it during our February Vacation Week Manga Camp at the Currier Art Center, where we’re studying techniques of Manga (Japanese comics) alongside an amazing exhibit of finely crafted Japanese weapons & armor from the past 8 centuries…

Several resources provide thorough documentation of the 1905 Portsmouth Peace Treaty process, including:

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