Company B Fall in for Dinner (Jones, June 13th 1862, #2)

1862: Burleigh K. Jones takes a break from letter writing to observe dinnertime; then he continues with some ghastly details from the Fair Oaks battlefield:

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SOURCE: Civil War Letters of Burleigh K. Jones @ Hopkinton Historical Society


  • A glimpse behind the lines @ Fair Oaks (LOC.GOV):
  • We are of course greatly indebted to John D. Billings for his excellent book, Hard Tack and Coffee: Soldier’s Life in the Civil War, which features a fascinating chapter about horse burial techniques, graced by the delicate linework of Charles W. Reed:
    I see from Reed’s sketches that I have neglected to include large swirling clouds of carrion birds in the relevant panels.

13 June 1862

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