Hawks 10: Mere Love of Destroying

1862: Dr. Hawks continues to document the depredations of Union troops occupying coastal South Carolina … 

~ CIVIL WAR DIARY of Esther Hill Hawks ~

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Hawks’ fellow Granite Stater H. P. Moore employed his camera in documenting Union occupation on nearby Edisto island; we are reminded here of Moore’s photograph of the 1st Mass Cavalry outside their comandeered plantation house headquarters:

We should also keep in mind Moore’s haunting images from the grounds of these plantations, especially his overview of Seabrook plantation’s park:

… and this image of Seabrook’s extensive ornamental gardens, now no longer maintained by slave labor:

A painting also springs to mind: Edward Lamson Henry‘s 1869 lament for the wartime ruination of one of Virginia’s old houses:

In all cases, the viewer who “clicks through” may be rewarded by a larger, more revealing version of the image in question.

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