Hawks 14: The Shell Road

1862: Scenic South Carolina in the midst of war …

~ CIVIL WAR DIARY of Esther Hill Hawks ~

<< BEFORE: From a Military Point of View …

EHH-1862-034-ShellRoad-www.MarekBennett.com EHH-1862-035-Axes-www.MarekBennett.com EHH-1862-036-Depot-www.MarekBennett.com

NEXT: Looms up the grand mansion of the “Massa” … >>

 The final panel is based on H. P. Moore‘s wartime photographs from the vantage point of the Hilton Head signal station, across the sound from Dr. Esther’s position in Beaufort.  I have overlaid Esther’s “leafy luxurianse” to underscore her focus on gardens & greenery, but the actual images of the Federal base & navy flotilla there show very little shade…

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