Colby 33: Straggling Commenced

1862: Colby’s regiment gets back to basics on its first hard night march …

Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby (continued):

<< BEFORE: We Plodded Doggedly On …

hhs-1862-FreemanColby-59-EachOne-www.MarekBennett hhs-1862-FreemanColby-60-ThrownAside-www.MarekBennett hhs-1862-FreemanColby-61-Straggling-www.MarekBennett hhs-1862-FreemanColby-62-TiredLegs-www.MarekBennett hhs-1862-FreemanColby-63-Sleep-www.MarekBennett

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ALSO SEE: Colby & Jonas on a Night March >> hhs-1862-FreemanColby-00_March-DETAIL

14 September 1862
15 September 1862

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