“Vote First Or Die” by Eleri Mai Harris (GUEST POST)

Guest artist Eleri Mai Harris (illustrious comics journalist from Tasmania & current CCS MFA candidate) presents this outsider’s view of the long-running political phenomenon that is New Hampshire!

We present here the first few pages (the whole thing clocks in at 22 pages); you can read the COMPLETE COMIC (as well as Eleri’s commentary on it) at her site:

vote-first-or-die-by-eleri-harris_www_elerimai_com01-DETAIL vote-first-or-die-by-eleri-harris_www_elerimai_com03 vote-first-or-die-by-eleri-harris_www_elerimai_com04 vote-first-or-die-by-eleri-harris_www_elerimai_com05



If I have but one goal in life, it is to make entertaining and informative political cartoons.

It’s why I dropped out of a reasonable career as a journalist in Australia to move across the planet and attend cartoon school in Vermont.

But the first year at the Center for Cartoon Studies is fiction heavy…

So I had to wait until the free-for-all colloquially called ‘mini-thesis’ in May to devote time to anything of the sort.

And what did I want to devote a month of my life to?

How about the ins and outs of the US presidential primaries?

Specifically those in New Hampshire?

How about it indeed?  Thanks for the devotion, Eleri!

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Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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