Curse of the Dead Dog Ballot Photo

Here’s a spooky (true) NH tale to carry you over from Halloween to Election Tuesday…:


DOWNLOADSPDF Printable (8.5″x11″, 2 pages) >> | PDF Printable Poster (11″x17″) >>

Drawn Halloween 2014 to celebrate NHCLUfiling on behalf of Mr. Langlois & al.
If I’ve learned one thing from my studies of banned comics, it’s this:

Whenever someone tries to BAN an image or artwork or political speech, 
it’s worth taking a look at it and deciding for yourself its value to society.



Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

4 thoughts on “Curse of the Dead Dog Ballot Photo

  1. I believe the ballot should remain private and no pictures allowed unless you want your boss or threatening people know how you voted which seems like a dumb idea. It’s designed to be a secret ballot and we are lucky to have the right to vote in a secret way. Most ballots have a place for a write in candidate. -Bruce Spencer

    1. Good point — and clearly everyone is entitled to that privacy. But then, if I decide to make my ballot public as an act of political speech, do you (or the state, or whichever party controls the state apparatus) have the right to gag me and punish me for that? Consider that Mr. Langlois’ political speech (image) CANNOT LEGALLY APPEAR as part of this discussion, because the state censors it.

      Are you comfortable with that level of state involvement in this very conversation about our rights?

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