Jonathan Daniels (Keene) travels south with a friend to help integrate churches in 1965, and immediately encounters segregation along the roadside…Daniels-Heart-01-RoadSouth-www_MarekBennett_com

Daniels-Heart-03-Phone-www_MarekBennett_com Daniels-Heart-04-TruckStop-www_MarekBennett_com Daniels-Heart-05-Coffee-www_MarekBennett_com

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Here are the first two pages of the article, with selected source passages highlighted; note that for the purposes of this visual narrative, I’ve rearranged some of the focus & sequencing of Daniels’ story:

Daniels-1965-Escru_JD_54myheartisblack-01+HIGHLIGHT Daniels-1965-Escru_JD_54myheartisblack-02+HIGHLIGHT

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