May 7, 1864: “Picket firing nearly all night” (by Aidan)

Charles Wilcox means to keep up with his journal, but he keeps getting interrupted…
Drawn by guest artist Aidan during COMICS CAMP at the Historical Society of Cheshire County:

from the
Civil War Diary of Charles W. Wilcox

|< << 6 May 1864 >>



1864-01-31 Wilcox Diary (January 31 1864 - April 1 1865)-p016-w=1000

  • In panel 1, Wilcox is writing by the light of a candle on what appears to be an improvised candlestick — actually, it’s his bayonet, set blade-down in the ground!  Our camp artists learned this trick during a Wednesday afternoon encampment with the 6th NH Regiment at HSCC’s Wyman Tavern.
  • defines “Pickets” as “An advance outpost or guard for a large force…”

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