Wilcox must make an unfair trade with a Confederate surgeon…

Drawn by guest artist Keegan during COMICS CAMP at the Historical Society of Cheshire County:

from the
Civil War Diary of Charles W. Wilcox

|< << 12 May 1864 >>


Keegan pulls this story and dialogue from the 1895 History of the 9th Regiment… (p.566):

Passing on, we soon met a rebel surgeon, who said, “Good morning, Lieutenant ; you have a nice rubber coat, and I am sure it will fit me.” It was a good coat, as good as any in the market at that time, and had but recently been sent me by an uncle in Boston, so I quietly replied that my coat was private property and all I had to protect me from the weather.  Before I could say more he commanded me to come out of it at once, which I did. Then he handed me his rubber poncho blanket. Remarking that I concluded this treatment was a specimen of Southern chivalry, he replied, “Close your mouth, sir, if you desire to live!”

The Confederate surgeon is inspired by this wartime photograph of Dr. Edmund Lewis Massie:


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