Wilcox & Co. do their best to survive as prisoners backstage at one of the war’s major battles

Drawn by guest artist Sammy during COMICS CAMP at the Historical Society of Cheshire County:

from the
Civil War Diary of Charles W. Wilcox

|< << 13-14 May 1864 >>

1864-05-13-SAMMY-01 1864-05-14-SAMMY-02


Sammy draws from Wilcox’s diary entries for 13-14 May: 1864-01-31 Wilcox Diary-p020_05-12-w=1000 1864-01-31 Wilcox Diary-p021_05-14-w=1000

… & from the 1895 History of the 9th Regiment… (p.566):

Just at night we were moved farther back, where we joined a large body of other prisoners. It had rained hard all day, and I had had nothing to eat since the night before. Hungry, wet, and cold, we lay down on the grass to rest. What a blessing it was that that group of more than a thousand prisoners, amid their present discomforts and sufferings, did not know of the more terrible sufferings that were in store for them in the rebel prison-hells, farther south, for days, weeks, and months !



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