The Legend of Chocorua

Thomas Cole relates a local legend to Henry Cheever Pratt during their 1828 hike…
Drawn (loosely) from Cole’s diary:

A Trip to the White Mountains
Thomas Cole’s Diary

<< 3 October, 1828 >>

1828-10-03-cole-04-chocorua-01-www_marekbennett_com 1828-10-03-cole-04-chocorua-02-www_marekbennett_com 1828-10-03-cole-04-chocorua-03-www_marekbennett_com

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Actually, Cole says only this on the Chocorua legend:

Chocorua [was] an Indian, from whom the peak, upon which he was killed by the whites, takes its name. [Life & Works, p.96]

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