Here’s what a Live Free And Draw event could look like at your school/library/historical society/&c. …

Choose from any of the following options:

    ~ Marek conducts dramatic readings from his recent NH history work, projected large on screen or wall.
    Includes Q&A on comics, local history topics, techniques, careers in cartooning, &c.

  2. 130515-Banner-rgb-02-SIMPLE
    “DRAWING FROM THE PAST” PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ~ Teachers & historical society staff work together to plan creative comics projects drawn from local primary sources!

    ~ Single- or multi-day intensives for specific age levels.
    Suggested age levels = [elementary = pick 2-3 adjacent grade levels] [pre-teen] [teen] [adult]
    For more info, see Marek’s COMICS WORKSHOP site.

    ~ As above, except parents & children work together in family pairs/groups to complete an original comic based on family stories or local history.

    ~ Multi-day vacation week intensives, culminating in a release party for our original comics about local history.
  6. OPEN STUDIO ~ Marek works onsite, using local sources & material. Visitors are invited to contribute material or artwork to the work in progress.
  7. PREP WORK @ LOCAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY ~ Marek meets with your local historical society and works with them to choose & prepare texts & other materials for use in the event.
  8. ONSITE SKETCHING @ LOCAL SITE(S) ~ Marek visits historic sites in your community to sketch & explore, with the goal of discovering some stories for comics, of course…

    ~ A wall, clothesline, window, or other display space become a standing installation of artwork & stories!
  10. COMICS JAM ~ Participants each contribute to each other’s comic, creating community comics by collaboration!
  11. COMICS FOR SALE / BY DONATION ~ If you supply the photocopying, we’ll supply the comics! Proceeds can support local causes or your own organization.
    Combine with WORKSHOPS or CAMPS above to create a cool original local comics fundraiser opportunity!
  12. ???? ~ We’ll work with you to design an activity that works for your event & community!
    What would you like to do?

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