Get Involved

The history of New Hampshire is so huge, we can’t draw it all alone!
Here are a few ways YOU can get involved:

Share a Story

Send us a story about your NH experience / community (or even just a tip on a good story!)

~ AND ~

Share LIVE FREE AND DRAW with your friends, families, teachers, etc. …

(Thanks for helping to spread the word!)

~ AND ~

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Draw a Single Panel Cartoon

Draw an image with the caption “Live Free and Draw”!

Here’s a blank template you can use:  Single Panel PDF >>
Or here it is as a JPG:

For more info, see WANTED: YOUR ARTWORK >>


Draw a Three-panel Comic Strip

Try drawing out your favorite NH story in three panels, using this basic template.

Psst! Remember these COMICS WORKSHOP tips & tricks… >>

Draw a Multi-Page Story

Three panels just isn’t enough, eh?
Well, try stacking several three-panel strips to make a page!
Or better yet, try a couple other page layouts…


(You could try using this template:

… But your comic will probably read better if you draw out your own panels, don’t you think? …)

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