LIVE FREE AND DRAW is looking for NH historical societies to collaborate on local history comics projects…

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05-draw-DSCF8764-smallLet’s collaborate to create original comics about YOUR community!


Engage Your Community

Reading and drawing comics together puts your friends, neighbors, and members in touch with key stories from your community’s history.
(Example: “Drawing from Town Histories”)

Involve your members

Comics bring old stories to life, and provide opportunities for teachers, students, families, and artists of all ages to get involved in the work of re-telling and re-presenting local history.

Try something new

COMICS WORKSHOP activities include:

  • school residencies
  • single-day workshops
  • onsite open studios
  • events & readings
  • publications

(Example: 8th graders learn about World War II by drawing comics about local history…)

Make it happen

COMICS WORKSHOP is eligible for grant funding as a rostered “Community Arts” & “Arts In Education” program with the NH State Council on the Arts, and through other organizations…

How YOUR historical society can help:

  1. Suggest local stories that would make interesting comics, and will teach new readers about our state’s history.  We’re looking especially for these kinds of stories:
    • beloved by the locals!
    • unknown to the locals!
    • rich in colorful characters & events
    • representative of an upcoming anniversary or milestone
      (Example: Civil War)
    • particularly evocative of an era, topic, or theme
    • particularly appropriate for addressing state educational standards
  2. Help us connect your archives & materials with young artists at your local school/library/other org…!
  3. Provide a home base for a single- or multi-day cartooning residency, where visits your museum, library, school, or other site to research stories & draw comics about your community.
    (Example: A visit to a New London library led to the discovery of the Trussel roadside marker…)
  4. Ways to share & our mini-comics with your neighbors — through inclusion in your newsletter, email updates, website, social media, etc.

Use our CONTACT page to set up a planning meeting >>

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