Hand-drawn from local PRIMARY SOURCES
Printed on local copy machines
Hand-folded, stapled, & cut…

Here are some of the mini-comics I print up on photocopiers and distribute at events & residencies.  You can click on the covers to read the comics on this site, or make a donation to receive minis by mail.

Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter discusses Civic Education & threats to democracy.
(8 pages)
DSCF2161-Live_Free-Cover-SMALL A Claremont resident finds out what happens when he applies the state motto — “Live Free Or Die” — to … well, to his car’s license plates.
(16 pages)
DSCF2162-Letter_from_Henniker-Cover-SMALL A Henniker schoolteacher writes a gripping letter about her experiences during the Hurricane of ’38.
(16 pages)
CivilWar01-print-Cover-SMALL Three reflections on Thanksgiving during the Civil War by two NH writers:

CivilWar-Colby-01-00-COVER+shadow The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby (Henniker) ~ PART 1
Colby abandons the stress of teaching school to enlist with his brother in the 39th Massachusetts Volunteers…
(16 pages)

Mini-comics by mail:

When you make a donation to the project, I’ll send a set of these hand-made mini-comics to your mailing address.

(If there are specific titles or #s you’d like, please include that in the NOTE with your donation.)


Use this form to specify which comics you’re most interested in, how many copies, your comments, &c.:

(We’ll do our best to fulfill specific requests based on inventory & timing!)

You can always reprint comics you find on this site, provided you:

  • use them for non-commercial use only (small-scale classroom use, personal sharing, etc.)
  • do not alter the artwork in any way
  • credit the author & website with a URL and (when possible) a direct link…
    EXAMPLE: (c)2012 www.MarekBennett.com

If you have specific formatting needs, please COMMENT below or send them via the CONTACT page.

Watch this space for information on ordering copies of collected “Live Free and Draw” comics…

In the meantime, you’ll find some of my other books (& minis) at http://marekcomics.wordpress.com/ …
Many of these offerings have decidedly NH flavorings!

As you enjoy LFAD comics, please consider doing any of following:

  1. Send us a note (or comment here) saying HOW and WHY you use them, WHO reads them, and WHERE you’re sharing them, &c. …
  2. Make a DONATION to the project (see PayPal “DONATE” button @ bottom of each page).  Reader donations make these comics possible!
  3. Host one of Marek’s COMICS WORKSHOP programs (classes, readings, or residencies for schools, libraries, &c.).
  4. Share this site with as many people as possible!

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