State House Facade (Concord)

Here’s a QUICK SKETCH of the State House East Facade, with special surprise reading… I just could not help but notice that, even though I’ve spent countless hours drawing in tons of churches and cathedrals, I have simply never before encountered an actual BIBLE READING MARATHON… until I sat down on the NH State HouseContinue reading “State House Facade (Concord)”

John T. Gilman

Gilman served as governor of NH from 1794-1805, and again from 1813-1816.  The town of Gilmanton is named after his family.  He was governor when the state legislature passed NH’s first mandatory voter check-list law. During the American Revolution he served in the “Minutemen” militia. Drawn from an engraving by Max Rosenthal. [Also see John Taylor GilmanContinue reading “John T. Gilman”

James Willis Patterson

Drawn from a portrait in the reading room at Tucker Free Library (Henniker, NH): Patterson taught school in New Hampshire, and later served as a Republican member of Congress during the Civil War, where he supported the establishment of Freedmen’s Schools in the South. [Also see James W. Patterson on Wikipedia]

The Weeks Act of 1911

Here’s a comic to celebrate the Weeks Act Centennial, drawn at the intersection of environmental science, government policy, activism, & private industry… ALSO SEE: The Weeks Act Music Video! >> DOWNLOAD: printable 2-page PDF >> ALSO SEE: The Weeks Act Music Video! >> REFERENCE IMAGES: The starting point for my research was the text of the WeeksContinue reading “The Weeks Act of 1911”

Unknown Soldier (Stoddard, 1864)

Henry Stevens finally joins the 18th NH volunteers, but he never makes it into battle… SOURCE: HSCC Monadnock Moment No. 029: Stoddard’s Unknown Soldier Originally published in Monadnock History Comics (Keene Sentinel, 2005) Discussion questions:  This episode mentions the names of several historical figures. Which names do you recognize? Why are they famous? Abraham Lincoln William Tecumseh ShermanContinue reading “Unknown Soldier (Stoddard, 1864)”