Mr. Barnes & the Bear (Henniker)

In honor of the start of hunting season, we continue with (what else?) another action-packed story of ursine urgency! … << BEFORE: Fishing for bear in Chesterfield. *”BY THIS TIME, BARNES BEGAN TO REALIZE…” ~ I just love that line. (source = Cogswell) Elisha Barnes was a leading figure in the early days of Henniker; forContinue reading “Mr. Barnes & the Bear (Henniker)”

John T. Gilman

Gilman served as governor of NH from 1794-1805, and again from 1813-1816.  The town of Gilmanton is named after his family.  He was governor when the state legislature passed NH’s first mandatory voter check-list law. During the American Revolution he served in the “Minutemen” militia. Drawn from an engraving by Max Rosenthal. [Also see John Taylor GilmanContinue reading “John T. Gilman”

James Willis Patterson

Drawn from a portrait in the reading room at Tucker Free Library (Henniker, NH): Patterson taught school in New Hampshire, and later served as a Republican member of Congress during the Civil War, where he supported the establishment of Freedmen’s Schools in the South. [Also see James W. Patterson on Wikipedia]