“Drawing from the Past” Professional Development Workshop


Drawing from the Past: Using Local History Sources & Comics to Inspire Learning
A day-long workshop bringing together teachers, members of local historical societies & interested community members in an interdisciplinary approach to exploring history with COMICS.

DURATION: 1-2 hours
PARTICIPANTS: Teachers, historical society staff & members, community members
FACILITIES: Public library space or equivalent conference room facilities


  • The history and key techniques of sequential art (A.K.A. “comics”!) [MORE >>]
  • Illustrating local history by synthesizing and interpreting primary sources
    [PROGRAM OUTLINE: Civil War Comics Camp]
  • Designing rigorous, engaging comics-based history lessons and units aligned with Common Core Curriculum standards [MORE >>]
  • Using artwork to bring local history to wider audiences


  • If possible, bring primary sources from your local historical society or materials you use in teaching or sharing local history with others.Pick documents that tell a story and particlarly speak to you (for example, a diary, letter, image, etc.)
  • We encourage you to attend as a community team if you can (e.g., teachers of different subjects, history enthusiasts, artists, etc.) 


3 responses to ““Drawing from the Past” Professional Development Workshop”

  1. Please contact me asap about research into the Hawks’.

    1. J ~ You can use https://livefreeanddraw.com/contact to send an email about this. ~ M

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