“Drawing from the Past” Professional Development Workshop


Drawing from the Past: Using Local History Sources & Comics to Inspire Learning
A day-long workshop bringing together teachers, members of local historical societies and interested community members in an interdisciplinary approach to exploring history with COMICS.

TO BOOK THIS WORKSHOP, please contact our partner host org:
Arts Alliance of Northern NH >>


DURATION: 3-6 hours
PARTICIPANTS: Teachers, historical society staff & members, community members
FACILITIES: Public library space or equivalent conference room facilities


  • The history and key techniques of sequential art (A.K.A. “comics”!) [MORE >>]
  • Illustrating local history by synthesizing and interpreting primary sources
    [PROGRAM OUTLINE: Civil War Comics Camp]
  • Designing rigorous, engaging comics-based history lessons and units aligned with Common Core Curriculum standards [MORE >>]
  • Using artwork to bring local history to wider audiences


  • If possible, bring primary sources from your local historical society or materials you use in teaching or sharing local history with others.Pick documents that tell a story and particlarly speak to you (for example, a diary, letter, image, etc.)
  • We encourage you to attend as a community team if you can (e.g., teachers of different subjects, history enthusiasts, artists, etc.) 

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