Charles W. Wilcox Diary & Letters (1862-1865)

Part of the Citizen Archivist Initiative at the Historical Society of Cheshire County (NH).

NH State Comicstitution

What happens when we DRAW the founding document of our state government?

Adventures of a Deaf-Mute in the White Mountains (1865)

Deaf & mute Henniker resident William B. Swett leaves home to seek work in NH’s White Mountains during the months after the Civil War.

Hutchinson Family Singers (1840-1860)

Well over a century before the “protest singers” and rock music of the 1960s, one rural New Hampshire family became world-famous for their potent blend of close harmonies, progressive politics, and anti-slavery courage …

Civil War Diary of Esther Hill Hawks (1862)

Dr. Esther Hill Hawks grew tired of running her husband’s pharmacy in Manchester, NH while he volunteered in the Union war effort… So she volunteered too!

Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby (1861-1863)

Freeman Colby enlisted in the MA 39th Volunteers partly out of thirst for adventure, and partly to keep his brother Newton out of trouble…

Journal of Martin Pring (1603)

In the early 1600s, Martin Pring led one of the earliest European trading missions to what would become the NH coast. From New England’s first transatlantic dance party to his fiery departure, Pring found a land full of people, resources, and surprises!

NH Historical Highway Markers

Comics inspired by NH’s historical highway markers: VIEW ALL POSTS >> Resources: Official site: NHDHR’s “NH Historical Highway Markers” page >>  NHDHR’s official map of Historical Highway Markers >> List of markers by town >> List of markers by # >> How to request a new Historical Highway Marker! >> NHPR’s marker-inspired series: “Marking History” >> […]

Freeman Colby Vol. 2, Episode 1: New Year’s Day, 1863 January, 1863: Writing home while on picket duty.
Historical New Hampshire Vol. 71 No. 1 Featuring “Drawing Freeman Colby,” an 18-page full-color article about the “Live Free & Draw” comics creation process.
Republic of Indian Stream (Highway Marker #0001) “Once a sovereign nation”…
Frontier Quarrels Five reasons for the raid…
May 18, 1864: Marching (by Molly) Captured 9th NH men march farther South …

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