Hutchinson Family Singers (1840-1860)

Well over a century before the “protest singers” and rock music of the 1960s, one rural New Hampshire family became internationally famous for their potent blend of politics, harmony, and courage. Find out the story behind the anti-slavery songs of Milford’s Hutchinson Family Singers…

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Pitch Pine

Brother John digs deep in search of light, and Brother Asa gets the axe … << BEFORE: Candles from hogs …


Whale oil or hog fat? The sustainable energy debate of the 1820s…

Empty Rooms

Yet more neighborly concern for the Hutchinson family’s new home …


Early 19th century Baptist activism, hosted at the old district two school house …


Brother Joshua discovers his Revolutionary namesake …

Joshua’s Job

Brother Joshua helps his siblings across the wide Souhegan valley …

Buying Burnham’s Farm

With ten children (and counting), Jesse and Polly Hutchinson hatch a plan to buy Colonel Burnham’s old inn … 

Musical Family

Decades later, townsfolk fondly remembered one voice in the local church choir…

Clean Living

The musical history of NH’s famous Singing Hutchinsons runs deep… and complicated:


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    This is flippen GREAT!

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