Charles W. Wilcox, c.1862 (SOURCE = Historical Society of Cheshire County)

Charles W. Wilcox enlisted in the 9th NH Volunteer Regiment.  During his service in the Union army, he kept a diary of his experiences, including details of combat at the Battle of Spottsylvania Courthouse, and his capture and imprisonment in the Confederacy in the closing year of the war.

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This project is part of the Citizen Archivist Initiative at the Historical Society of Cheshire County (NH).


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May 13, 1864: ‘We lay down on the grass to rest’ (by Sammy)

Wilcox & Co. do their best to survive as prisoners backstage at one of the war’s major battles… Drawn by guest artist Sammy during COMICS CAMP at the Historical Society of Cheshire County: from the Civil War Diary of Charles W. Wilcox |< << 13-14 May 1864 >> SOURCES: Sammy draws from Wilcox’s diary entries for 13-14 May: … & from the…


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