The White Mountains

Comics about NH’s White Mountains:

Willey Family Disaster

A COMICS POEM; Extrapolated from Frank Leavitt’s original 3-verse poem (1885):

“Almost an Accident”

Unsafe cannonades almost end in tragedy for guests at the Profile House…

Swett 10: Snow-balling in June

1865: The restorative powers of the White Mountains during the closing months of the Civil War…

I Saw You on I-93

Here’s my apocalyptic morning meditation on mortality & traffic in the “Live Free or Die” state…

Swett 5: Spring Blizzard

1865: A late-spring snow storm surprises Swett in his seat on the roof of the stage…

Video: “John Weeks, 1911”

A sing-along music video from Big Paws Music, based on John Wingate Weeks‘ landmark legislation, the Weeks Act of 1911… ALSO SEE: The Weeks Act Comic! >>

“Walk to Camp” by Becky Rule (Guest Post)

NH storyteller Becky Rule adds some quick cartoons to her tale of a fashionable bear encounter: (Drawn & told at the Weeks Act Centennial festivals, 2011)

The Weeks Act of 1911

Here’s a comic to celebrate the Weeks Act Centennial, drawn at the intersection of environmental science, government policy, activism, & private industry… ALSO SEE: The Weeks Act Music Video! >>

Other resources:

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