Video: “John Weeks, 1911”

A sing-along music video based on the landmark Weeks Act of 1911…

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Printable 2-page PDF

2-page JPG version:



Here are some of the primary sources that helped make this song & comic possible:

  • The Weeks Act itself = I looked up the pages from the 1911 congressional record at the Library of Congress website.  Here’s a lo-res composite image of the three relevant pages:
  • “Protecting the Forests: The Weeks Act of 1911″ @ Plymouth State University = An excellent collection of archival photos & narrative.
  • “AMERICAN MEMORY” Collection @ Library of Congress = Enter in search terms like “logging in maine” or “John Wingate Weeks” and see what kinds of photos, films, and papers you find!

ALSO: The Weeks Act Story >>

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