NH State Comicstitution

The NH State Constitution contains a whole lot of important, interesting, and intriguing words and ideas that form the foundation of our state government… but for some reason, very few people ever take the time to read it!  So here’s the official LIVE FREE AND DRAW comics adaptation — a “Comicstitution” — to help draw out its meaning:

COMICS ADAPTATIONS: The NH State Comicstitution!


A special pocket-sized (printable) handbook is available at Marek’s PATREON.
Permission to reprint, share, & distribute is granted when you BECOME A PATRON.

Comicstitution-BOOKLET-00-TITLE+comics-www_MarekBennett_comThe COMICStitution of the State of New Hampshire by Marek Bennett [PDF]


Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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