Hurricane Letter from Henniker (1938) (Part 1)

A Henniker schoolteacher wrote this letter to her mother during the Hurricane of ’38:

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TO BE CONTINUED: But when morning comes… >>

For the text of this letter, we thank the Henniker Historical Society, for whose newsletter Yolande Nicknair edited the original letter.  The actual identity of the letter’s author, “Dorothy,” remains unknown…

21 September 1938

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Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

7 thoughts on “Hurricane Letter from Henniker (1938) (Part 1)

    1. Thanks! I’m a fan of Crumb’s work with historical texts (Genesis), and did not fail to note the apocalyptic biblical shadings in Dorothy’s account…

  1. Hi
    It has been fun to see your extensive collection of the Henniker family . I am Michaela Jacqueline Henniker-Heaton granddaughter of Sir John Peregrine Henniker-Heaton . Rose Henniker-Heaton is my great aunt . If you are interested I can answer questions on our family .

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