NH’s Largest Comic Strip? (Columbia)

Live Free And Draw is on the road in NH’s North Country this week, with COMICS WORKSHOPS at Berlin & Colebrook.  The Grand Bois du Nord is full of surprises; imagine our shock when we wandered across Rte 3 from our hotel room to discover an enormous open-air catholic “Stations of the Cross” shrine presenting a story in pictures & words, graven on great marble slabs!


As you know, images in sequence, with words, communicating a story = COMICS!

This comic takes the form of 16 stone panels stretching over an enormous wooded semi-circle… and the surprise ending will really rev you up!

According to Columbia’s town website, the shrine was built in the 1920s.  The panels cite the 1854-1954 centenary.  Presumably the motorcycle station is a modern addition.

So is this NH’s largest comic strip?  It’s certainly the most extensive ambitious comics installation we’ve found (so far) in the Granite State.  Do you know of any rivals?

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Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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