May 11, 1864: Eating and Marching (by Logan)

Wilcox has scarcely enough time to warm his dinner before being ordered into battle…

Drawn by guest artist Logan during CIVIL WAR COMICS CAMP at the Historical Society of Cheshire County:

from the
Civil War Diary of Charles W. Wilcox

|< << 11 May 1864 >>

1864-05-11-logan-01 1864-05-11-logan-02


Wilcox makes no mention of this rushed meal in his terse diary entry of 11 May 1864:


However, Logan found more details in Wilcox’s “Prisoners of War” chapter from the History of the 9th Regiment, NH Volunteers…:

Then we were taken about a mile to the rear, where we drew five days rations; and the comrades may recall the very fresh beef rations that were issued. My supper of (neck) steak went into the frying-pan warm, but before it was cooked the order to fall in came, and on the march and in a Virginia rain-storm I partook of my last meal in “God’s country.” (p. 563)

Logan’s comic also incorporates another important detail from Wilcox’s account:

While behind the works we had been all the time under the fire of the rebel artillery, but, as I remember, no one was injured. (p. 563)

The cooking stove & other details derive from our experiences at an encampment with the 6th NH Volunteers.

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