Dix’s Letter to New Orleans (1861)

As the union begins to crumble, Treasury Secretary Dix orders a revenue cutter in New Orleans back North; the captain refuses, and Dix sends this telegram to his agent in the South: At a time when the outgoing Buchanan administration was doing little to avert the ongoing crisis of Southern secession, Dix’s order electrified both sidesContinue reading “Dix’s Letter to New Orleans (1861)”

Gen. John Adams Dix (State House)

A nine-foot-tall portrait of NH native John A. Dix, who, as President Buchanan’s Secretary of the Treasury, set “the hearts of the people everywhere ablaze”… NEXT:  The famous “Shoot Him On the Spot” memo >> John Adams Dix (born in Boscawen, 1798) issued what the NY Herald called “the first command to shed blood thatContinue reading “Gen. John Adams Dix (State House)”