Mrs. Adams’ “NH Government Comics” PART 2: State Executive Branch (GUEST POST)

Including a truly thrilling scene where an angel with a harp escorts a vetoed bill to a celestial RECYCLING BIN lit by apocalyptic lightning bolts…

Mrs. Adams’ “NH Government Comics” PART 1: State Legislative Branch (GUEST POST)

Mrs. Adams’ 4th grade class in Dover is drawing a series called, “NH Government Comics”…

Wooley v. Maynard (1977)

US Supreme Court justices argue their opinions in this 1977 FIRST AMENDMENT case…(And yes, they actually DO advocate bumper stickers as a means of exercising your constitutional rights!) << BEFORE: Live free in court @ Lebanon, NH … NOTE: Although he does not appear in this comic, future Supreme Court Justice David Souter was NHContinue reading “Wooley v. Maynard (1977)”

State House Facade (Concord)

Here’s a QUICK SKETCH of the State House East Facade, with special surprise reading… I just could not help but notice that, even though I’ve spent countless hours drawing in tons of churches and cathedrals, I have simply never before encountered an actual BIBLE READING MARATHON… until I sat down on the NH State HouseContinue reading “State House Facade (Concord)”