Paying the Doctor (Nelson, c. 1750)

Nelson’s own Ezra Carter accepts a rather unusual means of payment…

Originally published in Monadnock History Comics (Keene Sentinel, 2005)

Discussion questions:

  • In the 1700’s, a physician like Doc Carter might ride many miles into the countryside to treat poor families on remote farms.  How could these poor families pay for the treatment? What did they grow on their farms?  What could they spare for trade, and what would they need to keep for survival?
  • In colonial times, people didn’t understand that germs caused diseases.  Germs found in and on untreated drinking water, animal manure, foods, animals, and humans could cause widespread epidemics that killed many people.  How would a colonial doctor treat a patient, without knowing about germs?  What epidemics have affected the history of the Monadnock region?

SOURCE: HSCC Monadnock Moment No. 012: Ezra Carter Gets His Pay

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