Hawks 5: A Most Grateful Party

1862: Amidst tempest, terror, & rumors of a wreck, Dr. Esther’s ship somehow pulls into Hilton Head … 

~ CIVIL WAR DIARY of Esther Hill Hawks ~

<< BEFORE: Leaky boat

EHH-1862-09-Vanderbilt-www.MarekBennett.com EHH-1862-10-Arrival-www.MarekBennett.com

NEXT: To shore >>


2 responses to “Hawks 5: A Most Grateful Party”

  1. I have to say I am loving Ester Hawks story.

    1. Thanks! Isn’t she amazing?
      It’s diaries like hers and Freeman Colby’s that are helping me realize the story of New Hampshire is a story that happens both inside and outside the state’s borders — it’s the roles and perspectives of Granite Staters in the wider world as well…
      Just wait ’til she gets into the WORK of her MISSION!

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