Family Comics @ Keene Public Library (July-August 2013)

130706-KPL-familyLive Free & Draw presents:

Family Comics Workshop
@ Keene Public Library

Family teams collaborate to create comics about local history, family stories, & more!

DAY 1 = July 6 (Saturday) 10-1 ~ Meet LF&D cartoonist Marek Bennett, and learn the basics of creating exciting, easy-to-read, fun-filled comics from special materials & stories provided by the Historical Society of Cheshire County. Then take your project home, work on it over the Summer, and join us for…

DAY 2 = August 3 (Saturday) 10-1 ~ Learn how to edit, polish, & prepare your work for publication.  Marek will demonstrate methods of publishing mini-comics, webcomics, and graphic novels using basic print & digital technologies.  Our ultimate goal: release a mini-comic booklet featuring comics by all our participating families!
PLUS: Learn how to submit your NH history comics to LF&D as a GUEST ARTIST POST!


Links to Keene History Resources:


Wilcox Timeline (by Jess & Molly) - An overview of major events from Wilcox's diary & letters...
Civil War Comics Camp - Middle school students research & draw original comics based on local Civil War era primary sources...
August 5, 1862: Wilcox Enlists (by Abby) - Charles Wilcox makes his fateful decision ...

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